Voltaire Trading Company

A mercantile house in Lysoria, located just off the City Center in the Marketplace district, specializing in odds and ends. Unique in that nothing is sold here, things must be bartered. The store is managed by Kirk.

In the first game the party investigated why three oathbreakers were executed. It was discovered that the oathbreakers had traded in a black staff, swore an oath to its origins, and later it was discovered that what they had sworn was untrue.

The party currently has “Silver Membership” which allows them to trade in magical items at 70% of the list price.

Currently available in stock at Voltaire’s are the following items:

  1. Heavy Steel Shield +2, Defiant (Dragons), 9,000 gp
  2. Wand of Magic Circle vs. Evil, Caster Level: 5, Divine,11,250 gp
  3. Stormlure Amulet, 5,400 gp
  4. +2 Longbow, 8,000 gp
  5. +2 Mithral Shirt, 5,100 gp
  6. Ring of Spell Knowledge I, 1,500 gp
  7. Staff of Dark Flame, 47,000 gp
  8. Ring of Protection +4, 32,000 gp
  9. Sword of Lifestealing, 25,175 gp
  10. Inquisitors Monocle, 6,800 gp

Voltaire Trading Company

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