Tower of Narrill

Overview of the Tower of Narrill

The Tower of Narrill was ostensibly built as a stepping stone to driving out the draconic forces in the area many years ago, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Instead draconic forces moved into the tower where they could sortie out to attack nearby strategic locations without time passing.

In the modern day the Tower is a strange relic with an even stranger “guardian.” Narrill’s Assistant is a strange man who is supposedly over 250 years old. He dodders outside the castle and convinces many not to go inside.

Major Cities
Aryx Goa Pitax
Lesser Cities
Ashton Dridge Eonesia Freeport Lei Lysoria Ozryn Riversedge Stromness Terrin
Towns & Villages
Adit Appleton Bannack Dagger Vale Doel Ecrin Estridge Gryxx Imenei Outpost Leith Pomona Red Hawk Tolmany Urt Peak
Geographical Features
Ashton River Bog of Blood Draj Peaks Karracks Canyon Old Iron Road Pilgrim River
River Pitax Red River Salt River Silverspine Mountains Tol River The Lei Zrit Gap
Places Religion Organizations

Tower of Narrill

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