Tolmany is a hotbed of commerce and political unrest. Notoriously amoral, everything and anything (except slaves) is for sale. The city is an oligarchy governed by the Council of Cups, a group of powerful merchants whose alliances shift with the wind.

The city sits on the junction of Urtur and Tor rivers, a nexus of western and southern river trade.


Tolmany is informally separated into various districts. There is no public property, everything is owned and policed by separate guilds of varying size and influence.

The docks teem with porters, stevedores, travelers and sailors. A more diverse district would be hard to find; stone giants toil side by side with humans and hobgoblins, each a gear in the clockwork of the city’s commerce. At night, the powerful Brotherhood of Night rules the cobbled streets and seedier taverns.

The Guildhall District is tightly packed with the public offices of the city’s guilds. Counting houses, foreign embassies and temples also crowd Tolmany’s power center, but the district is so costly that only the richest members of society reside here.

The open-air markets of the city’s northeastern quadrant serve as a gathering place for hucksters, deal hunters, buskers and hundreds of smaller merchants not yet part of a guild or not able to afford a storefront.

People in Tolmany

Slade Natbo

Notable Locations

The Doubting Anchor
A reputable inn and tavern in the docks district. The tall stone building is owned by the Doubting family, a prosperous clan with a storied past. Rooms at the Doubting Anchor are scarce, as the Doubtings prefer long-term boarders to itinerants. The well-appointed rooms face north and offer a majestic view of the Urtur. The common room’s wall is littered with trophies and maps in tribute to the family’s adventurous past and present. Its current owner is Halvard Doubting, though his youngest son Jerrod runs daily operations.

Known Organizations in Tolmany

The Brotherhood of Night
A disreputable thief’s guild that controls much of the city’s docks.

The Halberdiers
A notoriously venal mercenary guild, often employed by merchants to police areas they are legally obliged to protect.

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