Houses of Ecrin

Houses of Ecrin

The Houses of Ecrin are somewhat reminiscient of the ancient houses of the eastern kingdoms, but more focused on mechantile matters than those of state and politics. Regardless of their focus, the Houses are the power players in Ecrin and through their actions the Council makes it decisions and the mayor is elected.

House Refin

Profit through Danger
House Refin largely deals with trade to and from the city of Ecrin and has some small holdings in the area. Their place within the city can rise and fall dramatically with a successful caravan trip or a failed one. They, along with House Goldweaver, are the main sources of goods from the outside. House Refin largely focuses on the kingdoms to the west of the the Graj River and the northern half of the Urtur river.

House Maulhammer

Rule through Tradition
House Maulhammer is relatively stable in that it has control of the majority of wheat fields around the city of Ecrin and so it is able to weather the storm of politics in many situations. The last king of Ecrin was of House Maulhammer and the tales of Thifag I are still told in alehouses throughout the city. His grandson, Thifag Maulhammer III, is a worthy heir to the name, though not nearly as bold as his ancestor, but his son Thifag Maulhammer IV is not the man his father was, let alone his great grandfather.

House Eldath

Always Home
(Halfling) smallest and poorest, but devoutly religions and follows the tenants of Kitosa and Sardos. House Eldath is not as active in city politics as the rest of the houses, but is much loved by the common folk of the city for their perceived goodness and their more civil service oriented focus.

House Ulara

Family of Iron
House Ulara is largely focused on production, rather than procurement or selling the goods and services that Ecrin can provide. They have common forges to smelt gold and the like as well as specialized smiths who can make the finest chain or complex etchings.

House Millstone

Seeking the Future
House Millstone is the largest house, by far, and employs those individuals that go out into the dangerous Draj Peaks to acquire the gems, gold, and other raw materials that make Ecrin so rich. They are known to practically run the famous (or infamous) Debtor’s Plaza. Regardless of that somewhat dubious fame, they are known to honor their deals and those that survive their tasks are richly rewarded.

House Goldweaver

Beyond the Hill
House Goldweaver is the other house that largely deals with the outside world along with House Refin. The majority of the Goldweaver trade routes are along the Draj River and continue into the southern parts of the Urtur River. As a House whose leaders was once an adventurer, House Goldweaver rarely hires mercenaries and instead has a large guard force that are much more specialized than the forces of Maulhammer and Ulara’s militia.—

House Samulkin

Seeing the Unknown
House Samulkin is often in partnership or competition with House Ulara. While House Ulara, generally, has interests in mass production with a bevy of specialists, House Samulkin works exclusively with detail work and with magic. The demand for their work is high, but it is not always easy to provide the finished goods outside of Ecrin and one lost piece can be a devastating loss to the accounts.

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Houses of Ecrin
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Houses of Ecrin

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