Overview of Gryxx

The city of Gryxx lies along the south of the Lost Marsh, south of the River Urtur, in the northwest quadrant of the River Kingdoms. Gryxx is known as a dark magical realm, where nearly any magic is available for a price. It is favored by assassins, as poisons and other toxins are readily available for purchase. The city is ruled by an old woman known by her subjects as “The Crone.” She is thought to have god like powers by most residents of Gryxx who dare not speak anything ill of her. She has dispatched some of the most powerful warriors and wizards of the realms who have challenged her 100 year rule of Gryxx. Most revere “the Crone” as a god like figure, and heavenly mother to be prayed to for good luck, to avoid the debilitating diseases that fester in the bog and delivery from the crippling poverty that plagues the residents of Gryxx.

The city, which is a sprawling, relatively low-density region, is cut off from the world. Stuck in the Lost Marsh, Gryxx experiences generally a damp and cool climate, even in summer. The River Gryxx is rarely traversable, and even when it is it is home to terrible sea creatures, ranging from lethal snakes, to water dragons to undead pirates. Approaching Gryxx by land is risky as well, as the poorly maintained roads traverse dangerous bogs, bridge-less raging rivers and often quicksand capable of swallowing entire wagon trains without a trace. The bog is home to many wandering monsters, including green and black dragons, trolls, giants, and werewolves. The Lost Marsh is nearly trackless, and is thought to be enchanted magically to prevent humanoids from easily making their way through it.

Only one item is illegal in Gryxx, a potent alchemical mixture of fenruroot and woolfsbane. It is rumored to counteract many of the Hags hexes, which are nearly irresistible in their place, which is thought by many to be subject to a fog that reduces subjects abilities to control their own mind. The materials that make up this alchemical mixture are illegal, and the recipe nearly impossible to find in Gryxx.

Districts in Gryxx

People in Gryxx

Gryxx is ruled by three beautiful princesses, generally thought by sages to be Hags.

Princess Sara, is married to the a former brigand leader named Petr. He is now the “Sheriff of Gryxx” and runs a city guard consisting solely of werewolves and future werewolves. Sara is an extremely powerful enchantress, and is known to cast both high level wizard spells as well as demonstrates powerful hexes typical of the princess of Gryxx.

Princess Gwen, is single and known to be looking for a consort. She is an extremely powerful diviner, capable of casting high level spells and making accurate predictions of the future. She is also capable of utilizing powerful hexes.

Princess Lori, is married to an elven wizard named . She is renowned as the river kingdoms most powerful necromancer, and also capable of utilizing powerful hexes.

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