General History

A General Timeline

  • Before recorded history: Elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes and Halflings find themselves slaves to the Dragons and their kin, who are the undisputed masters of the world.
  • ~500 years ago: Ishtar, a human, and his followers learn magic and begin a revolt against Draconic Empire. Humanoids fight for their freedom, ultimately carving out a tiny slice of the continent along the Eastern seaboard. Humanoids protect themselves by crafting a wall magically and physically protecting them from the Draconic Empire. Ishtar and his 13 most loyal lieutenants ascend to Godhood and are venerated by all humanoids.
  • ~500 to 50 years ago: Ishtarian humanoids establish their homeland under constant threat of assaults from Draconic Lands.
  • 50 years ago: The second dragonwar occurs, as the fell lich Temerous raises a horde of dragons, dragonkin and dragonspawn to attack Ishtarian humanoids. In the north this attack is repulsed by a band of adventurers, who have become legends in the years since. The Dragonic Empire nearly collapses and is forced to pull away into the center of the continent, leading humanoids to the first era of peace and prosperity in recorded history.

Current History

  • Golden Age of Humanity: With no constant war to wage, prosperity has come to the East. Bountiful harvests have led to an explosion of population, the growth of cities and massive generation of wealth. Science and technology have advanced in the last 50 years greatly, with some nations leaning heavily on technology.
  • Schism of the Church of Ishtar: The lack of draconic threat has lead to increased friction between churches aligned to the saints of Ishtar. There are talks of breakaway sects, and major schisms within the church. In particular the differences between the church of Aeril and Moulin are on the verge of becoming direct warfare. Influence of the church is waning causing a crisis of faith of many.
  • Decline of the Dragonknights: Without the heroics of the dragonknights, there would likely be no free humanoid realm. However today without the direct of dragons, the Dragonknights find themselves at a crossroads. Who are they and what do they do?
  • Rise of Nationalism: Older folk remember when if Emudy had fallen, so to would its neighbors and soon after all humanoids. Constant threat sidelined petty disagreement. In the absence of external threat, and as humanoids rapidly progress conflict between nations is increasing, and although technically blasphemous in the eyes of the Church of Ishtar, war between nations is possible.
  • Decline of the Grand Alliance: The alliance between elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes and Halflings has held for over 500 years, cemented by a common enemy and faith. Today envy between races grows, and distrust between realms increases. Although bound together by tradition and history, the bond between the races is at its weakest point.
  • Question of Divine Right: It is commonly known that Kings and Queens are direct descendants of Gods and long lines of heroes. Their place in the world is unquestioned, and enforced by their heredity gift of powerful magic. However as trading companies rise, and a middle class of skilled workers in cities develops, many question the Divine Right to rule.
  • Auf’Dumar – Vermor Conflict: Not content with humans status in Vermor the Auf’Dumar trading family began a revolt in Vermor, leading to the eventual civil war which split the nation in two. With bloodshed seemingly occurring for a full generation eventually the Church of Ishtar stepped in and brokered a settlement. The Auf’Dumar family would rule Vermor, while the ancestral elven King of Vermor along with their Dwarven and Halfling retainers would rule all the lands claimed and settled by Vermor west of the Dragonwall. This violence represented the first major conflict between humans and humanoids, and threatened the grand alliance against the dragons which had long held. Now 50 years later the displaced royal family of Vermor have settled new lands, and has their eyes on the borderlands even further west of their new civilization. Meanwhile the Auf’Dumar family has made legal claims to the land known as the Birthright Frontier and seeks to settle the land for themselves. However current occupants of the land, and the River Kingdoms to the south have claims to the land too. Multiple claims to the land making for a combustible situation.

General History

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