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House Vermor

House Vermor is an ancient eleven clan, that can within three generations document proof of descencion from the God Moulin (Domain: Arcane Magic and Education), who stole magic from the dragons and wrote it into a language any humanoid could use. House Vermor was on the losing end of a bloody civil war with House Auf’Dumar over the country of Vermor that pitted eleves, dwarves, halflings against varied humanoids aligned with House Auf’Dumar. As part of the treaty that ended the bloodshed, House Vermor was awarded all known lands west of the dragonwall which had been claimed by the nation of Vermor. House Vermor asserts that the Birthright Frontier, at the western edge of this claim, falls within the domain awarded by treaty, while House Auf’Dumar claims that the Birthright Frontier was not known at the time and thus excluded from this land award. House Vermor is led by King Moulin V, who at an advanced age is more concerned with reclaiming lands lost in the civil war than colonizing and settling the Birthright Frontier, but opposes anything House Auf’Dumar asserts out of principle. House Vermor is in the vocal minority of noble houses in favor teaching of arcane magic.

House Auf’dumar

House Auf’Dumar is a human clan, with a history as a major trading family. In the past 50 years or so the House has alleged and gained acceptance that they are descendants of the God Aeril (Domain: Vigilance and Vengeance against Dragons, Lordship of Humans). House Auf’Dumar led a revolt of human houses, as well as some Dwarven, Elven, Halfling and Gnomish houses that felt excluded from the rule of House Vermor. Ultimately after a long and bloody civil war House Auf’Dumar emerged victorious, taking vengeance upon House Vermor by exiling all elves, dwarves and halflings loyal to House Vermor west of the Dragonwall. House Auf’Dumar holds that the Birthright Frontier is their domain, as it was not part of the treaty that ended the civil war. House Auf’Dumar has long been vigilant against to humanoids not descended from the Gods utilizing magic, holding that its power is more often used by agents of Dragons than by humanoids. As such House Auf’Dumar has pushed for modern technology to replace the traditional domains of magic. Wizards are hunted down and executed in lands controlled by House Auf’Dumar, although Sorcerers are venerated.

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