Overview of Ecrin

Ecrin is a city that sits amongst the heights of the Draj Peaks to the north of most of the River Kingdoms. While there are riches to be found in the mountains that surround the city, it is also heavily populated with monsters, hidden ruins, bandits and other dangers that make retrieving those riches to be a dangerous proposition. The city is ruled by a number of houses that each oversee aspects of the city’s infrastructure and, in council, make decisions regarding the laws of the land.

Laws in Ecrin

Unlike the majority of the River Kingdoms, Ecrin has a relatively unique legal system based upon the concept of weregild and ones status within the Houses determines the value of their life. The Houses have made it their interest to make crossing them a very expensive prospect.

Places in Ecrin

People in Ecrin

Dagdeth Kuldduum Thirdan Kuldduum Babvar Refin Thifag Maulhammer III
Marigold Eldath Barunrok Ulara Steoda Millstone Filibert Goldweaver Rotu Samulkin

Known Organizations in Ecrin

Major Cities
Aryx Goa Pitax
Lesser Cities
Ashton Dridge Eonesia Freeport Lei Lysoria Ozryn Riversedge Stromness Terrin
Towns & Villages
Adit Appleton Bannack Dagger Vale Doel Ecrin Estridge
Gryxx Gresham Imenei Outpost Leith Pomona Red Hawk Tolmany Urt Peak
Geographical Features
Ashton River Bog of Blood Draj Peaks Karracks Canyon
Old Iron Road Silverspine Mountains Zrit Gap
Ashton River Draj River Pitax River Red River Salt River The Lei Tol River Urtur River
Places Religion Organizations


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