The Dragonknights are a worldwide organization dedicated to protecting humanoids from the threats posed by Dragons, Dragonsworn and Dragonspawn.

Recent History

The Dragonknights are an organization is slow freefall, lack of draconic threat has reduced enrollment and led to an identify problem for the organization. Without the heroics of the Dragonknights, there would likely be no free humanoid realm. However today without the direct of dragons, the Dragonknights find themselves at a crossroads. Who are they and what do they do?

Role In Current Campaign

The Birthright Frontier represents a region in which the threat of Dragons still exist, and a need for Dragonknights is known. A member of the Dragonknights in the party could make some sense, depending on the motivations of the party.

Aeril Cyex Gars Issrisy Joraqui Kitosa Lomir Melkor Moulin Sardos Shoennsham Teneber Yhoram
Religious Institutions
Dragonknights Church of Ishtar
Places Religion Organizations


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