Church of Ishtar


Aeril Cyex Gars Issrisy Joraqui Kitosa Lomir Melkor Moulin Sardos Shoennsham Teneber Yhoram
Religious Institutions
Dragonknights Church of Ishtar

The Saints

Name Race Holy Symbol Weapon Prohib. Ali. Portfolio Domains
Shoennsham Human - Scimitar none Knowledge, History, Recorder of Souls Artifice, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Repose
Aeril Human - Glaive CG,NG Vigilance and Vengeance against Dragons, Lordship of Humans Glory, Law, Nobility, War, Strength
Issrisy Human - Morningstar none Civilization, Adventure, Travel Community, Knowledge, Liberation, Protection, Travel
Cyex Human - Short Sword LE,LN Beer, Independence, Wit Charm, Darkness, Liberation, Travel, Trickery
Gars Human - Greatword none Battle, War, Tactics Destruction, Fire, Protection, Strength, War
Moulin Elf - Longsword none Arcane Magic, Sun, Elves Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Sun, Trickery
Kitosa Elf - Long Bow none Forests, Moon, Elves Air, Animal, Darkness, Healing, Plant, Protection
Yhoram Dwarf - Dwarven Waraxe LE,NE,CE,CN,TN Bravery, Honor, Dwarves Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Strength
Joraqui Dwarf - Warhammer CE Smiths, Loyalty, Faith Artifice, Community, Good, Earth, Fire, Protection
Lomir Halfling - Sling none Fate, Farmers, Halflings Community, Luck, Plant, Protection, Weather
Sardos Halfling - Shortsword none Caravans, Merchants, Trade Charm, Luck, Protection, Travel, Trickery
Melkor Gnome - Rapier none Sailors, The Sea, Merchants Air, Liberation, Travel, Water, Weather
Teneber Gnome - Heavy Mace LE,CE,NE Justice, Compassion, Gnomes Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Sun


Current History

The lack of threat from Dragons has lead to increased friction between churches aligned to the saints of Ishtar. There are talks of breakaway sects, and major schisms within the church. In particular the differences between the church of Aeril and Moulin are on the verge of becoming direct warfare. Influence of the church is waning causing a crisis of faith of many.

Role in Campaign

In the past 50 years the Church of Ishtar has becoming increasingly fragmented and strained as the unifying threat from Dragons fade and individual Gods push their followers along independent paths. The Church of Ishtar has interest in these lands as they are the former heart of the now collapsed Dragonic Empire and may have valuable lore and records of ancient days. Perhaps some in the church see the Birthright Frontier as a place in which the Unified Church is relevant, as some threat from Dragons still exists here.

Places Religion Organizations

Church of Ishtar

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