Birthright Frontier

Geography of the Birthright Frontier

The birthright frontier represents many things to many people, but in short it represents the endless possibilities in the post-draconic, golden age. Dwarves speak of veins of gold, silver and mithril in the mountains and hills of the Birthright Frontier. Halflings speak in hushed tones of the fertile plains, valleys and hills. Gnomes fantasize about sailing ships along the coast of the frontier and smaller vessels through its rivers. Humans wonder about the possibility of great cities nestled in the frontier. Elves meditate on the great unexplored forests, and the ancient fey power in the land. Each of these hopes and dreams is of course, based some in myth, and some in truth, with the real Birthright Frontier somewhat in the middle.

The low point of the frontier falls along the western coastline, and rises both gently and abruptly heading east and inland. A large river, fed by many tributaries and lakes, descends quickly through mountains and hills into the east before slowing into vibrant estuarine marshes nearer to the coast. To the north lies a high alpine forest along plateaus and gently rolling hills. The center of the frontier is a lush valley, fed by streams and rivers from the mountains and frequent rains rolling off the sea. To the south of the frontier is a series of mountains, followed by swamps and marshes, and ultimately the River Kingdoms. In the east are mountains and high valleys, the widest valley which contains a seasonably navigable tributary to the River Urtur.

In this varied environment many people see a place they can make a home for their family. The question of who will rule this rich land remains unsettled, with many factions holding a legitimate claim to the land.

Relevant Geography to the Birthright Frontier:

Center: The Birthright Frontier.

North: A dense forest, teeming with monsters and fey creatures. Think a dark enchanted forest from which monsters periodically emerge. Even elves familiar with forest environments find this realm to be unsettling.

North-west: Coastline to a large inland sea, bordering the dense forest. Here are many ruins from the Draconic empire, including a couple decaying cities, former ports, on the large inland sea.

West: To the west, the Birthright Frontier gently slopes towards the sea, concluding with marshes, lagoons and rocky shoals that abut a large inland sea. The sea is at all times of the year mystically cold, allowing for a cold dark fog to creep inland. From time to time, large storms emerge from the sea and transition inland dousing the Birthright Frontier in rain or snow. The sea itself teems with both risk and opportunity; constant fog and ill weather makes it a risky proposition to navigate to all but the most veteran sea captains, but the seas potential as a major trade route makes many take on the navigational challenge.

Rumors persist of a chain of islands in the center of the Lake from which mysterious traders and vessels emerge periodically teeming with valuable items, including long lost magic, however treacherous sea conditions keep most people from attempting to find these island. Bordering the sea and the Birthright Frontier lies the burgeoning deep water port of Aramoor. Too far north to fall in the River Kingdoms, this independent city is growing quickly due to trade along the sea, and is located along (or in) the western border of most claims to the Birthright Frontier. Aramoor, according to legend, appeared nearly out of nowhere, growing from tiny village to major city in less than a year.

South-west to Southeast: South of the Birthright Frontier, extending from the inland sea along the Urtur River lie the River Kingdoms. The aforementioned River Kingdoms are separated from the Birthright Frontier by a rather large series of hills and swamps, making travel by water far easier than overland travel. The border between the Birthright Frontier and the River Kingdoms is ill defined, and a source of potential conflict.

East: To the east, over a range of mountains lies the nascent kingdom New Vermor. The border between New Vermor and the Birthright Frontier is ill defined, and New Vermor maintains a limited presence in the eastern reaches of the Birthright Frontier.

North-East: To the north and east is a rugged mountainous region, little explored or populated by humanoids. Dwarven explorers affiliated with New Vermor report a large, well organized orc population in the region. Exploration is limited by accessibility and threat from orc, and other monstrous threats.

Birthright Frontier

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