River Kingdoms

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To the south of the Birthright Frontier lie the River Kingdoms. The River Kingdoms are a chaotic group of fiercely independent city-states along the Urtur River. The Urtur River connects the civilized world to the frontier and the Sea of Fog. The cities that make up the River Kingdoms are a dispirit group who share only two traits, a reliance on the Urtur River and obedience to the six River Freedoms.

Any one of the small nations that exist in the River Kingdoms could make a claim in the Birthright Frontier, including the burgeoning cities of Aryx, Goa or Pitax.

People of the River Kingdoms

The River Kingdoms are a group of approximately 20 city-states who do not share an alliance, a ruler, or a political philosophy, but rather a way of life. The River Kingdoms are populated by a mix of freed slaves and Dragonsworn from the fallen Draconic Empire, monstrous humanoids Dragonborn and settlers or pioneers from eastern lands. In the River Kingdoms one might find a city state ruled by a council of hags adjacent to a trading outpost of an eastern trading company, each city state glancing nervously towards the other.

River Kingdoms are a chaotic mix of people, ideas and rulers. In general the River Kingdoms are small cities, less than 10,000 inhabitants. Some River Kingdoms existed as part of, or were subjugated by the Draconic Empire while others have been recently founded due to the influx of persons from both east and west. Yet other River Kingdoms (e.g. Pitax, Lei) have remained independent throughout history, and to this day look suspiciously at anyone thinking of founding an all encompassing kingdom or empire.

Though thought of as uncivilized and untrustworthy by Easterners, residents of the River Kingdoms think of themselves as enlightened, unrestrained, independent and most importantly free to do what they wish.

Rulers of the River Kingdoms are an eclectic mix, with little in general to be said. The leader of any state is as likely to be a paladin as a lich, or as likely to be a werewolf as a vampire. The leaders of the River Kingdoms gather each year once at the Outlaw Council to discuss conflicts, common threats and trade, although little will exists for decrees and joint action.

History of the River Kingdoms

The history of the River Kingdoms is varied, and little has been recorded in this chaotic realm. Even the most knowledgeable member of the Chroniclers admits confusion as to the origins of civilization here. The best guess however is that the River Kingdoms came about sometime before Ishtar lead humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings away from the rule of Dragons. The River Kingdoms have exploded in population and importance in the last 50 years as refugees from the war, settlers and pioneers and trade ships began entering the area.

Geography of the River Kingdoms

The River Kingdoms are located directly south of the Birthright Frontier, separated by hills and marsh-swamp ridden valleys full of goblins, trolls and worse. The River Kingdoms lie along the world’s largest river, the mighty Urtur River, which winds its way through the flat, plush lands often branching into many smaller rivers creating islands along the way. This river connects a massive inland sea (upon which the western edge of the Birthright Frontier lies) to the ocean, by way of Urtur River. To the west of the River Kingdoms lies treacherous mostly unexplored lands of which little is known, save “here there be Dragons.” To both the south and east of the River Kingdoms lie the civilized East, separated by both mountains and the Dragonwall.

River Freedoms

  1. Say What You Will, I Live Free
  2. Oathbreakers Die
  3. Walk Any Road, Float Any River
  4. Courts Are For Kings
  5. Slavery is an Abomination
  6. You Have What You Hold
Major Cities
Aryx Goa Pitax
Lesser Cities
Ashton Dridge Eonesia Freeport Lei Lysoria Ozryn Riversedge Stromness Terrin
Towns & Villages
Adit Appleton Bannack Dagger Vale Doel Ecrin Estridge
Gryxx Gresham Imenei Outpost Leith Pomona Red Hawk Tolmany Urt Peak
Geographical Features
Ashton River Bog of Blood Draj Peaks Karracks Canyon
Old Iron Road Silverspine Mountains Zrit Gap
Ashton River Draj River Pitax River Red River Salt River The Lei Tol River Urtur River
Places Religion Organizations

River Kingdoms

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