Debtor's Plaza

Debtor’s Plaza

Ecrin’s unique legal system makes debt and counterfeiting to be the only real crimes within the city, but even debtors have way to make it up to society. The plaza is largely run by House Millstone and their guards are found at the entrances and along the walls that ring the plaza. Within the walls debtors are brought forth and presented opportunities to make up their debts in an expedient fashion. While it is not required that they accept, if they cannot present an alternate method of repaying their debts in a reasonable time they are considered to have reneged on their debt, which is a fatal proposition in Ecrin.

Throughout the plaza there are finely crafted stalls that, at first glance, appear to be hawking wares as any other merchant might, but upon listening closer they are offering up jobs to steal griffin eggs, crawl into unsafe mines searching for gems, and other highly lucrative and dangerous activities that allow for the debtors to make a quick gold or die trying. There are also more prosaic jobs that are offered to those without exorbitant debts to do more standard tasks that are not exactly pleasant, but this has lead to Ecrin being a very clean city as the government has some very cheap laborers to beautify the city.

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Debtor's Plaza

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