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  • Old Dragon Fort

    Note: Players failed all knowledge rolls regarding this location. This old fort is located about a six hour hard march due north from [[Lysoria]]. Originally the fort appears to consist of four towers, connected by a wide thick wall surrounding a …

  • Lysoria

    Update of Lysoria

    Since claiming the crown and proclaiming himself King, [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]], has brought [[:lady-geraldine | Lady Geraldine]] in to advise him on policy for his growing city. With the vast number of immigrants …

  • City Center

    City center is what the open-aired market in the middle of [[Lysoria]] is called by locals. In addition to its utilization as a marketplace, Oathbreakers, traitors and others are hung. The center is notable for a gargantuan statue of an old dragon on …

  • Iron Eagles

    A group of warriors started by [[:commander-taut | Commander Taut]] that help to safeguard [[Lysoria | Lysoria]] and are associated with the [[Golden Eagles | Golden Eagles]] that was founded by [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]].

  • Black Bramble

    An inn in [[Lysoria | Lysoria]] known for their solid food and ability to keep their mouths shut about what they hear... for the right price.

  • Great Leader

    "Great Leader" is the head of the Goblin Tribe enslaving pilgrims headquartered at the [[Old Dragon Fort]] just outside of [[Lysoria]]. The Great Leader is a powerful arcane caster, a student of the [[:great-teacher]].

  • Kirk

    [[:Kirk]] is the manager of the [[Voltaire Trading Company | Voltaire Trading Company]] in [[Lysoria]]. Kirk is a middle aged human, of modest build and looks. The PCs met [[:Kirk]] during the first game session when they investigated the cause of …

  • Harold the Helpful Bridge Troll

    Harold lives under a bridge north of [[Lysoria | Lysoria]] in the [[Draj Peaks | Draj Peaks]]and helps travelers who's wagon axles inevitably break at his bridge such as the halfling merchant [[:reginald | Reginald]]. Smarter and more personable than the …

  • Geheime Bedrieer

    Geheime is the 4th of 24 children sired by the three (acknowledged) wives of Lord Aerick. Geheime is a Chronicler of mild-repute currently an obtainer of rank 4 (of 9). He has not been seen in Lysoria for some time.

  • Commander Taut

    Commander of the town watch and founder of the [[Iron Eagles | Iron Eagles]] in [[Lysoria | Lysoria]] Commander Taut reports to [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]].

  • Lady Geraldine

    Lady Geraldine was brought to Lysoria to advise [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]]. Shortly after her arrival large construction projects began in the docks, slums and to the palace itself; apparently occurring overnight. Using magical sight some members of …