Slade Natbo

Your least favorite party mouthed ranger ally ever.


Val and Del know Slade Natbo from their early days in exile in the Bog of Blood. Slade was a middle-aged guard in the Imeni Outpost around the time Del and his mother arrived there. When Del was forced to leave Slade traveled with him for a time, including the period when Del had met Val for the first time.

Slade is ‘quiet’, stone-faced and cold. Slade speaks frequently, delighting in offending everyone around him with genitalia related insults. Slade is ‘quiet’ in that he never says anything of value, hoping to distract people away from who he really is by being crude. His disaffected and detached demeanor belies his true nature, one in which he is fiercely loyal and caring, but goes at great length to hide or suppress. He is known to distrust clerics to an irrational level and is unable to spend time in their presence without becoming inappropriate.

Those who know of Aryx or history know that Slade’s family and he were in the clergy of Aryx, before it was an empire. About 25 years ago there was a great purge with old gods and clerics replaced with the new order. It is rumored that Slade’s entire family, including his pregnant wife and infant daughter were killed by the summoned undead and dark extra-planar entities during the purge and Slade has nursed a hatred of such creatures since. Slade does not speak of this time saying only “that was a lifetime ago” if pressed, so such information is likely hearsay to Del and Val.

Interestingly when Val and Slade first met, Slade was powerful and strong and Val a broken man. Now many years later the situation has been reversed with Val hitting his stride as an adventurer while Slade rots away in a sad tenement apartment in a decaying city.

Slade thinks Linden is a “cunt-muncher” because he controls the undead for his own gain and frees slaving evil priests of darkness. Slade thinks Ur is a “giant fucking pussy” for treating evil priests of darkness honorably. Slade thinks highly of Soren, because Soren is not a cleric. Armand is arguably Slade’s favorite party member because he is “not at all a cock sucker.” Slade is highly protective and worried for Val, with whom he has a long standing friendship.

Slade Natbo

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