Dragonknights: Into the Birthright Frontier

Ur's Journal: Game 1

Ur — the semi-literate hobgoblin from the swamps — offers his account of the party’s first days:

The party gathered in the city of Lysoria like fleas on swamp elk, but instead of elk blood they sought news of goblin slavers. (Truthfully — one also sought elk blood. One always seeks elk blood.) They met at the gallows beneath three dead oathbreakers hanged for breaking their word to a merchant. Nothing special in the River Kingdoms. Fancy Delvernen with a shiny coin and his good way of talking even learned something about the broken oath from the [[Voltaire Trading Company | Voltaire House] man — but that is a story for a different day.

Goblins were hunted into the north. Armand the Drow sneaked silent as a dead delicious eel on a bunch of goblins attacking frontier settlers and their cart. Valentarius made them sleep with his finger-twitching and eye-staring so Armand the Drow could slice them up with very much black goblin blood. (Valentarius is small but fearsome.) Linden Falemon charged in on his frightening horse that is too smart and speared goblins up off the ground. Daman threw his burning pots that smell like something dead in a log for a week, and many goblins died screaming. (He has put the same ingredients in those pots in his potions for mating. Why.) Goblins are weak and stupid.

After, Delvernen cared for the people and gave them his horse to take their cart to town. The horse is old and weak, but it was good to do anyway. Valentarius went with them, and this also was good to do. Daman splinted an arm that was not broken, then spent much time talking about the cart.

The next day goblins were tracked to their lair, an old fortress from dragon days. Armand the Drow played a brave trick on the goblins outside by almost dying. He has very much style. They thought they could win until Prophet Soren ruined the trick by having his ancestors take away the wounds. We slaughtered the goblins in much fear and goblin blood everywhere. Daman guarded outside.

In the lair, we met strange hungry goblins at a big table under a tower and killed them. A goblin wizard made terrible lights and Armand the Drow and Linden Falemon fell like corpses. After much fighting, Delvernen killed the wizard with his big ax. It was well done. Many goblins ran in to die around Soren of Anuurn, Ur, and Delvernen. They were crazy and not afraid. The Prophet bravely killed with a club and made his ancestors take many wounds. All were proud. Armand the Drow and Linden Falemon woke up and all finished the killing so the floor was filled with dead goblins. There are more goblins inside but they will die later. Goblins are weak and stupid.



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