Far west of the Dragonwall, along the frontier of humanoid exploration lies a land of unmatched beauty. Consisting of mineral rich mountains, fertile valleys and a strategic position along valuable trade routes the lands in which game will be held are coveted by many. Once the heart of a draconic empire of unsurprised eldritch might stretching oven an entire continent; numerous ruins of cities, castles, lost lore and dark, dangerous secrets are buried just beneath the surface of the now uncivilized lands.

Throughout humanoid history the noble descendants of the Gods who freed humanoids from draconic slavery have been the unquestioned rulers all of the lands held by humanoids. Here and now such a noble heir to a disgraced family seeks to claim his divine right to the lands. This claim however is not un-opposed, a hated rival family of upstarts of questionable nobility also seek to claim these lands.

Bound by treaty to avoid direct bloodshed these two factions race to settle these lands in the name of their king, in the process employing any method necessary to achieve their goals. A so called golden age of humanity has led to a period of wealth, prosperity, inventions, discovery and exploration which in turn has led to an empowerment of non-noble families, many of which may wish to challenge the status quo of divine right.

Far from the civilized lands of the East, far from divinely granted ancestral thrones, and the church which upholds such ancient traditions, new factions also seek to tame the wilds and claim these precious lands for themselves. Some feel it is simply a matter of time before these lands are settled and civilization holds sway. Others point to the myriad of monsters and ancient draconic foes who litter the land as reason why settling these valuable lands will be a major challenge.

Threats from monsters, to rival houses, to traders, and ancient threats yet undiscovered settling these lands represents a daunting, dangerous task. Residents range from highway robbers, to assassins capable of regicide; from wealthy merchants to those enriched from relics obtained in ancient ruins; from goblin tribes to ancient dragons in hiding – these lands are full of danger and opportunity. The fates of these lands are in your hands as players. Welcome to the Birthright Frontier.


Dragonknights: Into the Birthright Frontier Ikalta