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Religious Institutions
Dragonknights Church of Ishtar

Isrissy is the God associated with adventurers and civilization, which has seen rapid growth in the golden age of mankind. Paladins of the church are known to act as agents of law along frontiers, and clerics of Isrissy are tasked with helping to develop fledgling frontier towns. Other agents of Isrissy find the adventure of old ruins and an ancient empire too exciting to pass up.

There is a half-built temple to Isrissi in Lysoria that is overseen by Commandant Elmer Martin.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail
Worshiper Alignments: Any Non-Evil; Paladins Allowed
Portfolio: Adventurers, Frontier Justice, Civilization, Settlements, Fairness
Domains: Community, Healing, Liberation, Protection, Travel
Isrissy grants access to the good domain to any neutral good worshipers.

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