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  • Brotherhood of Night

    The _Brotherhood of Night_ is a thief's guild that controls the docks of [[Tolmany | Tolmany]]. Its members are of varied race, but share an affinity for shadows and illusions. The Brotherhood of Night had captured, for unknown reasons, Del and [[:grek …

  • Tolmany

    Tolmany is a hotbed of commerce and political unrest. Notoriously amoral, everything and anything (except slaves) is for sale. The city is an oligarchy governed by the Council of Cups, a group of powerful merchants whose alliances shift with the wind. …

  • Halvard Doubting

    A retired adventurer and owner of the Doubting Anchor. Halvard traveled with [[:del | Del]] and Slade for a short time after Del's appeal for political asylum in [[Tolmany | Tolmany]] was refused.

  • Jerrod Doubting

    Jerrod is the youngest son of [[:halvard-doubting | Halvard Doubting]]. He runs the Doubting Anchor.

  • Slade Natbo

    [[:val | Val]] and [[:del | Del]] know Slade Natbo from their early days in exile in the [[Bog of Blood | Bog of Blood]]. Slade was a middle-aged guard in the Imeni Outpost around the time Del and his mother arrived there. When Del was forced to leave …