Tag: ruins


  • Old Dragon Fort

    Note: Players failed all knowledge rolls regarding this location. This old fort is located about a six hour hard march due north from [[Lysoria]]. Originally the fort appears to consist of four towers, connected by a wide thick wall surrounding a …

  • Sunless Citadel

    An underwater citadel devoted to the [[:deep-one-1 | Deep Lord]] who accepts sacrifices there. Spoken of by the Undine [[:jamal-2 | Jamal]] who lives in [[Swampwasher Hold | Swampwasher Hold]]

  • Old Temple to Tiamat

    The hideout of [[:normax | Normax]] while he and his band were terrorizing the area around [[swamp-wash-or-hold | swamp-wash-or-hold]]. In the basement the dwarven artificer [[:granix | Granix]] was making forgeries of powerful magical items. He …