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  • River Kingdoms

    [[Birthright Frontier | Birthright Frontier]] [[Dragonwall | Dragonwall]] [[Old Dragon Fort | Old Dragon Fort]] [[River Kingdoms | River Kingdoms]]
    h3. …

  • River Freedoms

    h3. Say What You Will, I Live Free p. This is the freedom of speech (and not to be confused with freedom from the consequences of your words). Criticism of government is common in the kingdoms, and lords of the kingdoms who are lenient with loose …

  • Pitax

    One of the few cities of the [[River Kingdoms]] to have never been conquered by the [[Draconic Empire]], [[Pitax]] is an extremely reclusive city, long cut off from the rest of the [[River Kingdoms | River Kingdoms]] due to the [[Silverspine Mountains]] …

  • Lysoria

    Update of Lysoria

    Since claiming the crown and proclaiming himself King, [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]], has brought [[:lady-geraldine | Lady Geraldine]] in to advise him on policy for his growing city. With the vast number of immigrants …

  • Gryxx

    Overview of Gryxx

    The city of [[Gryxx | Gryxx]] lies along the south of the Lost Marsh, south of the [[Urtur River | River Urtur]], in the northwest quadrant of the River Kingdoms. [[Gryxx | Gryxx]] is known as a dark magical realm, where …

  • Goa

    Overview of Goa

    Districts in Goa

    People of Goa

    [[:cornelius-4 | Cornelius]]

    Places in Lysoria

    Known Organizations in Lysoria

    Major Cities
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  • Ozryn

    Overview of Ozryn

    [[Ozryn]] is a small city

    Districts in Ozryn

    * [[Market]]

    People in Ozryn

    [[:feolux-paalden | Feolux Paalden]]

    Places in Ozryn

    Known Organizations in Ozryn

  • Tolmany

    Tolmany is a hotbed of commerce and political unrest. Notoriously amoral, everything and anything (except slaves) is for sale. The city is an oligarchy governed by the Council of Cups, a group of powerful merchants whose alliances shift with the wind. …

  • Ecrin

    Overview of Ecrin

    Ecrin is a city that sits amongst the heights of the Draj Peaks to the north of most of the [[River Kingdoms | River Kingdoms]]. While there are riches to be found in the mountains that surround the city, it is also …

  • Lady Geraldine

    Lady Geraldine was brought to Lysoria to advise [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]]. Shortly after her arrival large construction projects began in the docks, slums and to the palace itself; apparently occurring overnight. Using magical sight some members of …