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  • House Auf'Dumar

    House Auf’Dumar. House Auf’Dumar is a human clan, with a history as a major trading family. In the past 50 years or so the House has alleged and gained acceptance that they are descendants of the God Aeril (Domain: Vigilance and Vengeance against …

  • House Vermor

    House Vermor. House Vermor is an ancient eleven clan, that can within three generations document proof of descencion from the God Moulin (Domain: Arcane Magic and Education), who stole magic from the dragons and wrote it into a language any humanoid …

  • Geheime Bedrieer

    Geheime is the 4th of 24 children sired by the three (acknowledged) wives of Lord Aerick. Geheime is a Chronicler of mild-repute currently an obtainer of rank 4 (of 9). He has not been seen in Lysoria for some time.

  • Lord Geoff

    Lord Geoff came to [[Lysoria | Lysoria]] hunting down [[:lokaas-vals | Lokaas Vals]] to find justice for his slaughtered people.

  • Lady Geraldine

    Lady Geraldine was brought to Lysoria to advise [[:lord-aaerik | Lord Aaerik]]. Shortly after her arrival large construction projects began in the docks, slums and to the palace itself; apparently occurring overnight. Using magical sight some members of …

  • Olaf

    Olaf is the second son of Emperor Lucious of Aryx. You released Olaf from imprisonment by the [[Brotherhood of Night | Brotherhood of Night]], he left in the company of notorious smuggler [[:feolux-paalden | Feolux Paalden]]. He bore a magical holy …