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  • Bog of Blood

    The Bog of Blood was once a beautiful place, but war, conflict and strange magics caused it to change into the dim bog that it is today. There are those who believe that …

  • Gresham

    Overview of Gresham

    [[Gresham | Gresham]] is a small fishing village on the Bog of Blood, north and east of [[Lysoria | Lysoria]]. This village is the home of the kind [[:laern | Laern]] priest of [[Melkor | Melkor]] and is run by Mayor …

  • tavern-of-nine-lives

    A cozy tavern with an exotic clientele in [[swamp-wash-or-hold | Swamp Wash or Hold]] that has a catfolk bartender, [[:gilyana | Gilyana]], as well as a variety of undines, nymphys, kobolds and others as regulars.

  • Swampwasher Hold

    A small town in the north western part of the [[Bog of Blood | Bog of Blood]].

    People of Swampwasher Hold

    * ?NAME? -- The ornery kobold shaman lives on the outskirts of town and has a previous relationship of some sort with Urr and Soren. …

  • Darkhold

    The small town that has sprung up around the [[Sunless Citadel | Sunless Citadel]] is known as Darkhold. The town sits on the shore of the lakes that hold the Sunless Citadel and consist of a small dock, a temple to the north, a tavern, two merchant …

  • Narrill's Assistant

    Holding onto and honoring the memory of those who went into the tower he also is a pretty chill dude. He is also willing to share some information about the Amulet of Narrill which apparently grants great wisdom for 30 years before disappearing back into …