Lokaas Vals


Lokaas Vals, Level 2 Rogue (Investigator), True Neutral, Chronicler’s Guild.

Lokaas is the third son of a minor mechant in Ehmudy, sent to the Chroniclers’ Guild at an early age, as third sons are wont to do. Lokaas found himself a natural quick study of history and geography, testing into the Index (the filing arm of the Chroniclers) at the age of 18. He has been working his way up the ranks for the past few years, finally achieving an exalted (i.e. totally disrepected) position on the Ninth Index. Lokaas is naive, having not left the Bindery in 6 years, and a bit of a know-it-all, but relatively harmless. His supervisor, however, is none too pleased that Lokaas blew the whistle on some black market book smuggling he was orchestrating, and arranged to have Lokaas transferred to Obtain, where his marginal skills at information gathering led him to be assigned the unenviable (at least from the prospective of the cosmopolitan Chroniclers on the “good” side of the Dragonwall) task of establishing an outpost in the burgeoning city of Lysoria.

Anyone based in Lysoria has likely sought Lokaas’ advice regarding local history, geography or politics. He’s a rogue by skill set, but not the pickpockety/trap-findity type. He won’t be in the party initially (i.e. I won’t be at the first game), but as you encounter issues that maybe need more local knowledge, I would be a resource you’ll turn to.

“History might be written by the victors, but it’s read by the survivors.”

A bit about the proposed structure of the Chroniclers, there are 3 branches: Obtain (info gathering rogues), Broadcast (Bards) and Index (Librarians). The ruling council of 3 is called the Compendium, and is comprised of the heads of each of the three branches.

Lokaas Vals

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