Linden Falemon

Linden is man, perhaps, dedicated to his faithful steed Genuwine - known for his loyalty and dedication to his friends and a mysterious entity known as the Warden.


Linden Falemon was a fisherman, from a long line of poor, migrant workers who traveled the Urtax seasonally following the spawning grounds. He dreamed nightly of leaving behind the river and its kingdoms. Linden was then, briefly, a mercenary after being picked up by a traveling Pitaxean merchant heading west to Aramoor. He dreamed for maybe five or six nights of exploring the Birthright Lands and perhaps the realms beyond the veil of the sea. Afterwards, Linden was stabbed and bleeding and crashing rapidly towards the mighty Urtax after an incident involving the Perm bridgeguard and an ambush.

Linden was then a fish. Maybe a turtle. His memory of that time is splotchy. There was water, and darkness, and occasionally air that maybe was a large bubble blown by a glowing silvery trout who spoke in no uncertain terms about the importance of being in the proper state of mind. Linden was definitely a river snake. He dreamed of tadpoles and stags and bizarre reptilian forms and a certain shimmering trout who reminded him to duck, but he wasn’t a duck, he was…

Bumping his head on a large tree root, deep in a river far from his homeland. Clawing through the muddy sea he found another root above him, and he climbed the arboreal ladder to the surface and the sunlight he’d forgotten over a lifetime in the depths. His plate mail draining into the basin of roots cradling his form – was he human this time? – he stared skyward into a golden blur of the sun reflecting yellow, powerful light from the towering tops of The Warden. He dreamed it named itself The Warden, lord protector of the forest. It called to him, as the wild is wont to do, and so here he was, Linden the man.

The Warden whispered to him the secrets of the sacred woods, charged him with protecting it, but also weighed upon him a quest of deep importance: The Dragonblight did not become blighted through the corruption of the Draconic Empire alone. Some ancient artifact or beast turned those lands into the waste it only now is slowly recovering from. The Warden told him he feels the same blighted force starting to germinate in the Birthright Lands. Go forth, it told Linden, and protect this verdant realm. The breeze, breath of life itself, rippled through golden boughs and Linden was reborn anew. And damp. Definitely a man again.

Linden was a cavalier. He dreams nightly of repaying his debt to the earth, but also occasionally of fish.

Linden Falemon

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