The legends like to think that the draconic races and their undead servants only oppressed the
races on the surface, the ones you could see. Surface dwellers were never good at seeing beyond their own nose and knowing how good they actually had it. In my lifetime I have seen these evil beasts and the tyranny that they brought. Once they were defeated my people were finally able to breach the surface of this world and take our place among the rest of civilization.

Once I was finally able to venture out and see the world, I quickly found my skills to be very
profitable in the city of [Redacted] in the eastern River Kingdoms. I initially found work in the kitchens of a noble household, but the profitable part was pocketing some of their extra food and selling it to local families. The nobles didn’t notice it at first but eventually the steward of the house caught on.

In exchange for keeping the thefts quiet I agreed to do some minor deeds in which my unique
set of skills would be of great use. I went on to work against rival houses by planting evidence, acquiring documents, spying on meetings, and even some light poisonings. I was good at this, very good. After doing this for two decades and watching the families grow, I decided that it was time to move on. The Steward was smart and I had been in the employ far longer than I was in his debt so this was easily done.

I had become close to the family during this time, seeing the family expand, watching the
children grow and move on and even attending functions. Recently the youngest daughter Fiora
who was quite find of me had recently gotten married to a boy from a noble family in Perm. As
my last job for the family I would accompany her and her new husband back to Perm and keep
an eye on them as well as being around should the need for my abilities arise. We have been
here just a few short months, and now all this is happening…now its interesting.


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