Dragonknights: Into the Birthright Frontier

Ur's Journal: Game 2

Ur’s account of the descent into the old fortress and how the party learned that there is no such thing as a silent moment:

After the slaughter, the party rested outside the old dragon fortress and tried not to think about the smells Daman was making in the cookpot. Scary little Val returned with a Chronicler named Lokaas Vals. The Chronicler wore his small sword and cheater’s bow like they were made of stinging wasps. If there were hobgoblin Chroniclers one would probably tell a riddle like How is Lokaas Vals the same as Linden’s fearsome horse? and the answer would be His most dangerous weapon is his mouth, but there are no hobgoblin Chroniclers.

For good luck, Armand the Drow led the group back into the fortress to kill the rest of the goblins and find their slaves. With much courage he scouted ahead, quiet and alone, until honor demanded he let the enemy know he was there by kicking a pebble, or sneezing, or walking straight into lamplight. Down the first hall, Soren the Prophet knew the sound of bones rustling because he is sometimes odd and cried out a warning: an idiot goblin priest hid behind a large sturdy table and an army of dancing goblin corpses. Daman blasted apart the skeletons with his fire, and Linden and Del smashed a path through the burning bones. Val swamp-looked at the priest and made it twitch and sleep until Ur crashed against the heavy table and cut the goblin’s head in half with a roar of delight and a spray of black blood. The only thing weaker and stupider than a goblin is a dead goblin; the priest should have made an army of dancing tables instead.

The party found another group of hungry goblins pounding a table and killed them. Linden sent a rain of goblin pieces exploding out wherever his lance landed and his horse ate many goblin faces. A goblin priest sent a nightmare to scare Armand the Drow but Armand the Drow does not fear anything and kept stabbing until one of Daman’s burning pots destroyed the priest in a ball of greasy screaming fire. While Ur struggled against the table, Del spoke to Uurt, the goblin cook. Uurt wanted to cook the party but Del made him cook for the party instead. Daman stayed behind to gather guts and recipes as Uurt put goblin bodies on a spit. Lokaas put his sword away carefully and took out his bow carefully and found some potions in a pool.

Deeper into the fortress goblin archers waited behind a hole in a collapsed stairway. Del ran up to slam his shield into the hole and the stupid cowards fired at him anyway. Strong, mad goblins ran screaming out of the hall and knocked Linden down but soon Val made his fingers move and Linden sat back up and coughed with the smell of an old dry lizard. The Prophet was busy taking wounds but his ancestors have been dead a long time and need no rest; they hung ghostlike and terrible over Linden. Ur and Del broke through the rubble and murdered the sleeping archers with much blood and not really looking at them even.

In the end there was a room with books, two guards with good armor, another stupid priest, and five goblin chiefs wearing headbands. Then Armand the Drow did something with light and there was only one goblin chief wearing a headband, and he looked surprised and then there were no goblin chiefs. The guards rushed, and Del caught one on his spear and twisted it until the delicious insides spilled out. Ur would have stabbed the other but the awful priest made him not move, so Linden wrestled Ur back, taking cuts from the guard, and took his place. All surrounded the priest and stabbed until it was dead. A door that was not a door opened and Del ran in to challenge the chief, who dropped a smoke pebble and disappeared again with powerful magic no goblin should have.

After much book-reading and hunting and talking to Uurt, the party knew the goblins were using slaves to build a city in the Green Mountains so they could fight in the frontier and that some teacher told the goblin chief about a tower with magic for helping goblins. Ur explained that the Green Mountains were the Draj Mountains, and that Draj means green, puking, and to mate and is one of three Goblin verbs, each of which also means to mate. Prophet Soren knew the chief’s headband was like the crown that controlled hobgoblins in old times. All know goblins are too stupid to use magic, too stupid to write, too stupid to build cities, but this is what they are doing. Lokaas Vals carefully put away his bow and said his Chronicler honor meant he had to travel with the party and always be talking and that he would bring the party to the Green Mountains to hunt the goblin city and free the slaves.



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